Bucs’ Arians, cancer survivor, being ‘extra careful’ during pandemic

Bruce Arians is a three-time cancer survivor and at the relatively advanced age of 67, making the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ head coach a member of the high-risk category should he contract the coronavirus.

Arians, who came out of retirement to become head coach of the Buccaneers last season, said he is being extra careful and taking all possible precautions to avoid COVID-19.

“I got to be real careful,” Arians told the Tampa Bay Times. “I’ll probably double with a mask and a (face) shield. You know, because l already had my scare out there (in Arizona) once a couple of years ago. For me personally, I’ve got a plan and I just have to be smart enough to stay with it.”

Arians has had tumors removed from his kidney, prostate and skin. His coaching staff included 81-year-old Tom Moore, who was the offensive coordinator of the Indianapolis Colts during the Peyton Manning heyday, and Clyde Christensen, who is 64 and was on that same coaching staff along with Arians.

Arians retired from coaching in Arizona after 2017 due to health considerations. But after one year in a TV booth, he returned to coach the Buccaneers.

From involved discussions with the Buccaneers’ medical team, Arians assessed that every player will end up contracting the virus. He said he’s not overly concerned about how sick his new quarterback, Tom Brady, might get if he tests positive for the coronavirus.

“Tom is probably the healthiest one of all of us,” Arians told the Times. “We’ve got to be careful. The players, they’re going to all get sick, that’s for sure. It’s just a matter of how sick they get.”