Purdue’s Brohm outlines spring football proposal

Purdue coach Jeff Brohm outlined an eight-game spring football season for the Big Ten that begins on Feb. 27.

His plan calls for the regular season to end on April 17 and postseason play to wrap up by May 15.

When the Big Ten announced the postponement of fall sports on Tuesday due to the coronavirus, Brohm told ESPN he channeled his disappointment into crafting a new calendar.

“When it got canceled, it was heartbreaking,” he said. “You feel for guys that have worked their whole lives to get a chance to play football, and now they don’t have that. It made me angry, and it made me want to just do something about it. That’s why I put this together.”

His plans also include an abbreviated schedule for the fall of 2021 that would include 10 games starting on Oct. 2, following a four-week training camp. Both the spring 2021 and fall 2021 plans include playoff options with four or six teams.

Brohm, 49, who has coached the Boilermakers since 2017, said he made the safety of student-athletes a priority.

His proposal would reduce padded, full-contact practices over the two-year span from 114 to 52 for teams not participating in bowl games, and from 144 to 64 for teams that play in bowl games. During the season, teams would be allowed only one padded practice per week. The calendar includes a three-month layoff after the spring season.

“To me, taking care of the body and the collegiate athlete is the most important thing,” Brohm told ESPN. “I just wanted to prove that there are ways to get that done and still be able to allow football to be played this [school] year at some point.”

Brohm said he will share his plan with “anybody who wants to look at it.”